2019 Registration

Hi and Welcome to the 2019 Season.

This year, our governing body has released a new registration system. It is much easier to use than the previous ones.

Please read the below before attempting registrations.


This year, you will need to create a “Play Football” account.

** This is not an account you would have from last year **

** Be very careful when entering birthday This cannot be updated by yourself later**

** Parents are able to create a PlayFootball account in their name and register their child. Just use the same email for the PlayFootball account that you have used for registration in previous years **

If you use the email you have previously used for soccer registrations, it will make finding your details and children’s details easier.

You can now register multiple people at once. This can be your registration and your children all in one.

Active Kids vouchers are accepted during registration. Please have the code ready to avoid issues with registration.

You can do that here:


If you are a junior player yet play in the senior comp. You will need to choose that package during registration. This is to capture payment of referee fee’s

You will not need to register twice to play both juniors and seniors.

Senior Registrations include referee’s fee’s.

This is listed as a Kootingal Kougars fee in the fee’s breakdown page.

Coaches and Mangers will need to also do a registration (free)

See links below

Registration Links

Junior Player (5 – 18)

Senior Player (19+)


Junior Coach/Manager

Senior Coach/Manager